Woodworking for Beginners - Online

Become a more confident woodworker.

woodworking for beginnersLearn more about basic woodworking tools and techniques in this online course for beginners.

In this course you will develop your woodworking skills, and gain practical experience while building a sturdy workbench. To start the class, you will build a set of sawhorses to use as a work surface for building your bench.

Topics covered in this course include, getting started in woodworking, buying tools and selecting lumber, project planning and procedures for working safely with basic tools.

A kit of tools and prepared materials will be provided. Kits include: pre-cut project parts, and building materials such as bolts, screws, and sandpaper. A basic tool kit, including a tape measure, chisel, mallet, ratchet, pliers, drill bits, and woodworking clamps will also be provided.

A hand drill is all that’s needed to complete your project.

Materials kits will be made available for curbside pickup.

Join us for this online workshop, and become a more confident woodworker!


To register for this class:
The Green Woodshop, North Easton, Massachusetts