Make a Green Wood Stool - Online

Learn more about green woodworking and traditional tools.

StoolIn this online companion course to Build a Shaving Horse - Online, you will learn more about green woodworking, while making a post-and-rung stool with a woven seat.

This workshop will include instruction in shaving and drying green wood, as well as procedures for working safely with hand-tools. You will also learn traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery techniques used in post-and-rung construction.

A kit of materials to build your stool will be provided. A basic push-knife and spokeshave for shaving and smoothing green wood will also be included with the kit.

A shaving horse or bench vise, a hand drill, woodworking clamps and other basic hand tools are needed to complete your project. A tool list will be provided.

Materials kits will be made available for curbside pickup, or shipped at an additional cost.

Join us for the companion class:
Build a Shaving Horse - Online

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